Macreddin Golf Club

Procedures for entering competitions

The following are the procedures for entering member's competitions at Macreddin Golf Club. The same procedures are used to enter Open competitions except for the process for paying entry fees.

  1. The club no longer handles cash for entries. Instead we operate a 'purse' system. Each member should deposit a sum to their purse by making a bank transfer to the club bank account (details on request from the committee) and emailing the committee giving details of the sum lodged and the date. This will then be added to your purse from which competition entry fees can be deducted. Prizes won in competitions are issued in Golf Ireland vouchers and you will receive an email notifying you of this and when you can collect your voucher from the clubhouse. For open competitions, you can pay at the clubhouse using a card or cash. Payment by card is preferred.
  2. On the clubhouse computer, you sign in to the competition using your Golf Ireland number (see here for signing in online). Once you have signed in, a label will be printed out which you then affix to your scorecard in the position where your name would be writtten in. If not using a label, the following information MUST be written on the card: Your name, your Course Handicap (this can be looked up on the tables on the clubhouse noticeboard from your Handicap Index and Tees being played)., the name of the competition (or General Play/Initial Handicap as appropriate) and the date. You should also indicate which tees are being played in the box provided..For singles competitions/scores, use one scorecard for each person playing.
  3. Once you have completed your round, you MUST sign your card and have it signed by your marker. Enter your scores on the clubhouse computer or online and then place your completed scorecard in the letterbox outside the clubhouse.

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